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Treating hammertoes in Woodside

A hammertoe is condition that consists of a bending deformity of the joints of the second, third, fourth and fifth toes (little toes). Since it’s a condition that never resolves on its own, it requires a visit to a Woodside podiatry office for foot care. You should see a podiatrist like ours at Metroplex Foot & Ankle Center as soon as you experience symptoms.

Hammertoe symptoms include: pain and irritation of the affected toe or toes when wearing shoes, corns and calluses that develop on the toe, in between the toes or on the ball of the foot due to the constant friction against the shoe, a burning sensation, redness, inflammation, contracture of the toe. In severe cases, open sores can develop. If you have symptoms, call our Woodside podiatry office to schedule an appointment with our expert podiatrist at Metropolitan Foot Care. There are several potential causes of hammertoes. The condition can be a result of a previous trauma, but it’s usually caused by wearing the wrong sized shoes; shoes that are too short, too tight or too long and that toes are forced into a cramped position. In some cases, it is inherited. The majority of the time, hammertoes begin as minor deformities, but they usually get progressively worse over time. Initially, the toes are flexible, and the symptoms can be managed with non-invasive treatments. The typical non-surgical treatments include: changing footwear, padding corns and calluses, custom orthotic devices to help control the imbalance of the muscle and tendon and medications. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen are utilized to help reduce pain and inflammation. The surgeon might also apply splints and small straps to realign the bent toe. However, if the condition is left untreated, the toes can become rigid and when this occurs, non-surgical treatments will not be effective. Since the condition is progressive, hammertoes never improve without medical intervention. For this reason, early treatment is important. In some cases, when the condition is severe, surgery would be necessary.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, don’t hesitate. Contact our Woodside podiatry office to schedule your appointment.

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