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Treating hammertoes in Woodside

Woodside podiatry office
Woodside podiatry office

A hammertoe is one which has become stuck in the bent or flexed position. It may be either flexible or rigid, with treatment typically dictated by that distinction. Here at Metropolitan Foot Care, you are assured of specialized care when it comes to hammertoes, with a focus on the best outcome so that you will be free of the discomfort and pain that usually results.

It can be difficult or even impossible to walk with a hammertoe. In fact, the simple act of putting on socks and shoes may become an unpleasant chore. What is it that causes a hammertoe to begin with? Ill-fitting footwear, a genetic predisposition, or arthritis are the most common reasons. What happens is that excess pressure is put on the tendon and joint of a toe and that is what leads to it becoming locked into the flexed state. High heel shoes are a big contributor, and for that reason women tend to get the condition more often than men. Our Woodside podiatry office will conduct a thorough examination, which may include x-rays. A flexible hammertoe will still have some movement available to it, even if it is minimal. A rigid hammertoe will not. One may begin as flexible and become rigid, which is all the more reason to seek out help from our Woodside podiatry office as soon as possible. For flexible cases, orthotics (shoe inserts) may be sufficient treatment. They reduce the pressure on the tendon and joint. For inflammation and swelling, medication could be required, which might include a cortisone injection. Only if the above methods prove ineffective would surgery be considered. However, rigid hammertoes nearly always need to be addressed surgically.

Please contact our Woodside podiatry office immediately to arrange an appointment to have your hammertoe examined. We are here to help.

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