Hammertoe treatment in Woodside

Hammertoe Treatment in Woodside

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A hammertoe is often frustrating, may cause you various degrees of pain, and is not very pleasant to look at it. That’s because it is a toe that is locked in the flexed position. Here at Metropolitan Foot Care, you will get the attentive and expert care that is necessary to achieve relief.

So you have a hammertoe, but what caused it? Some of the more common reasons are the presence of arthritis, heredity, an existing bunion, or your footwear, particularly high heels, but any shoes that put undue stress on the toe area. When the middle joint of any toe becomes locked, you’ll be in need of our hammertoe treatment in Woodside. If you’re fortunate, the toe will retain some movement to it, however minimal. This is what is referred to as a flexible hammertoe. In that case, treatments are typically non-invasive. Options include orthotics, shoe inserts that remove the pressure from the toe joint; stretching exercises; and physical therapy. The other type is called rigid. In that circumstance, the toe cannot move in either direction. For such situations, our hammertoe treatment in Woodside is most likely going to be surgery. Don’t worry, though. It’s a simple enough procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis. Moving forward, you’ll want to improve your odds of avoiding recurrences. The simplest measure you can take is to evaluate your shoes and make sure that you don’t wear heels higher than toe inches. Also, make certain that there is plenty of room between your toes and the edge of the shoes. Aim for at least a half inch from the longest toe.

Be assured that with our hammertoe treatment in Woodside, you will get the desired outcome, which means that your toe will regain its normal mobility and positioning, and your discomfort will disappear. Reach out to our office now to book an appointment.

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