Fungal Infection 11377

Fungal Infection 11377

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Few conditions rival the fungal toenails in looking creepy and disgusting. These thickened, discolored nail plates cause embarrassment and can prevent suffers from showing their feet in public at pools, on the beach or from wearing sandals or open toed shoes. Those people who suffer from fungal infection 11377 can turn toMetropolitan Foot Care get treatment and relief.

A fungal infection 11377 is the result of a fungal nail infection that starts near the end of the nail and progresses over the nail plate. Symptoms are a thickened nail plate that turns yellow and distorted. Since other conditions can appear the same way such as drug use, high fevers or circulatory problems fungal nails are diagnosed through lab cultures in addition to visual traits. Fortunately, there is no pain associated with fungal nails or danger of the fungus spreading to other parts of the feet. The condition is more a cosmetic problem for its sufferers than anything else.

There are many different ways to treat a fungal infection 11377. One such treatment our doctor uses is the application of topical medications on and under the nail plate. Depending on the severity of the problem there are both over-the-counter and prescription medications that are available. One option for harder cases is for our doctor to surgically remove the involved nail plates so that the medications can more easily reach the infected areas on the nail beds. There are also oral medications that are available to treat nail fungus. These oral medications can be expensive and have potentially harmful side effects. Liver testing prior to the administration of the oral medications and at intervals during the treatment is needed to monitor any adverse reactions. Our doctor will assess the problem and explain all the treatment options to the patient. Don’t be embarrassed by your nails, make an appointment with our office.

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